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One of the main goals of The Dodd Report is to bring all the best references on Art & Antiques and associated material to you in one place.

Many of the references you find here are "buried" on search engines and extremely difficult to locate.  BUT, we find them for you.

Explore, Discover, Learn, Enjoy

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No matter what your interest is in Art and Antiques, if you are or are striving to be successful, it will take study, experience and time.  That is a lot of work.... So we thought that you could use a place to just sit back and take a break.

Thus please find some things we have found that you can just enjoy.  Sit back, relax and take a break with these findings


The Great American Read [V]

Hidden Treasures

First House - Virginia's Executive Mansion  [V]

Mystery of a Masterpiece [V]



Lovejoy is an irresistible rogue with a keen eye for antiques. The part-time detective scours the murky salerooms, auction halls and stately homes of Britain, always on the lookout for a find.

Lovejoy - Series 6  Episode 2  [V]


Short Clips

The Maine Antique Digest  Part 1  [V]

The Maine Antique Digest  Part 2  [V]

The Maine Antique Digest  Part 3  [V]

The amazing story of the digest we all love.  Find out how it came to be

TV Shows


BBC Antiques Uncovered - Episode 1  [V]

Bargain Hunt

Bargain Hunt [BBC] 26th of August - Episode 11 [V]

Bargain Hunt [BBC] 3rd September 2017 - Episode 18 [V]

Bob Villa

Governor's Mansion Tour - Richmond, VA  [V]

How to Hang Drapes

Renovating 300-Year-Old Governor's Mansion [V]

Including How to Hang Drapes

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The Great American Read

America’s 100 best-loved books are revealed, launching the campaign & the nationwide vote

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