Musical Instruments

Note:  Sheet Music is in a separate section


American Musical Instruments in The Metropolitan Museum of Art [EB]


A Checklist of Bagpipes

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dept. of Musical Instruments


A Stradivari Cello  [A]


Guitar Heroes: Legendary Craftsmen from Italy to New York  [EB]

The C. F. Martin Story  [EB]

Martin Guitar Catalogs  [R]

Dating Martin Guitars by Serial Numbers  [L]

MARTIN® - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars  [MA] [8]

Orfeo Magazine #3 - English edition - Spring 2014  [MA]
Illustrated classical guitar magazine


Antique Pianos [M] - Online Museum

Changing Keys  [V] - Colonial Williamsburg
This exhibition explores the evolution of spinets, harpsichords and pianos in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Stringed Instruments

Brompton's Fine & Rare Instruments
You need to sign up for access to this website.  It is free and well worth it. It covers string instruments.  Here is what you will receive:
Instrument Makers
Photographs of Instruments (great for detailed research and comparisons)
Biographies of Makers
Reference - How To

Auction Catalogs

Skinner Auction Catalogs

Fine Musical Instruments - November 9, 2014 [AC]
Fine Musical Instruments -
April 26, 2015 [AC]

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