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One of the main goals of The Dodd Report is to bring all the best references on Art & Antiques and associated material to you in one place.

Many of the references you find here are "buried" on search engines and extremely difficult to locate.  BUT, we find them for you.

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Museum Management - Including Conservation & Restoration


Guidelines for Taking Wood Samples from Objects of Antiquity [A]


Hint - Also see Fakes and Forgeries in Main Section

Art Values in a Changing Society [E - EB]

Washington Crossing the Delaware: Restoring an American Masterpiece   [EB]

The Use of Forensics in the Authentication of Art  [V]

Commentary - The New Yorker

Ultra-Violet Rays and Their Use in the Examination of Works of Art  [EB]

19th Century Portraits On Scored Panels in the Cleveland Museum of Art  [A]

Painters and Paintings in the Early American South  [V]
Colonial Williamsburg - Preparation for a new exhibit unites artists and conservators

Everything You Need To Know About Hanging Art   [A]

Art and Autoradiography: Insights into the Genesis of Paintings by Rembrandt, Van Dyck, and Vermeer  [EB]

Books & Magazines

Book Decoration [A]

Vocabulary for Book Conservation Treatment (Abstract) [A]

Reinforcing Book Hinges  [V]

Book Repair- New Spines  [V]

Book Repair- New End Sheet  [V]

How to Repair Broken Magazine Hinges  [V]

A Byzantine Scholar's Letter on the Preparation of Manuscript Vellum  [A]

Furniture including Wood In General

Biological Deterioration & Damage to Furniture & Wooden Objects [A]

Fundamental Construction Techniques for Furniture & Wooden Objects [A]

Furniture Care and Handling [EB]

Furniture Conservation Bibliography [EB]

Guidelines for Taking Wood Samples from Objects of Antiquity [A]

Moving, Packing, and Shipping Furniture [A]

Painted Wood [EB]
History and Conservation

Preserving and Restoring Furniture Coatings [A]


The Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute (MCI) [A]

Smithsonian Contributions to Museum Conservation  [EB]

Numerous Articles and Booklets.  You can search or browse.  To read click "Open/View" which will load a PDF you can read.

Scientific Research in The Metropolitan Museum of Art  [EB]

Analyzing Historical Artifacts at the Connecticut Historical Society [V]

Connecting Museums to Communities [RE]

The Conservator as Curator [A]

Combining Scientific Analysis and Traditional  Connoisseurship

Disaster Guidance [L]
A few references to help you preserve your collectibles after a disaster

Furnishing a Museum [EB]
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Handling Rare Materials [V]

Creating A Time Capsule [A]

Creating The Cloisters  [EB]

A Brief History and Review of the Early Practice and Materials of Gap-Filling in the West  [A]

Conservation: Where Art and Science Meet  [V]  Colonial Williamsburg
Museum curators wage daily battle against 10 agents of decay. April 05, 2010

Art, Biology, and Conservation: Biodeterioration of Works of Art  [EB]

Paper & Prints

Care & Handling of Rare Books, Paper, Manuscripts, Photographs & Archives [V]

The Basics of Paper Conservation [V]

Basic Conservation of a Print [V]

Part 1

Deterioration Problems in a Print [V]

Cleaning of Works of Art  (On Paper) [A]

Alternatives to Conventional Methods of Reducing on Paper Discoloration in Works of Art on Paper

Ink or Corrections Stain Removal  [A]

The Treatment of Oversize Paper Artifacts [A]

Practical Methods for Sun and Artificial Light Bleaching Paper [A]

A Note on the Use of Magnesium Bicarbonate in Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions [A]

Recording Watermarks By Beta-Radiography and Other Means [A]

The Chemistry of Bathing, "A Harlot's Progress" [V]

Museum Management - Museum Conservation - Museum Conservation

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