(Titles published after 1961 are posthumous.)

Novels and Novellas

(1926) The Torrents of Spring
(1926) The Sun Also Rises
(1929) A Farewell to Arms
(1937) To Have and Have Not
(1940) For Whom the Bell Tolls
(1950) Across the River and into the Trees
(1952) The Old Man and the Sea
(1970) Islands in the Stream
(1986) The Garden of Eden


(1932) Death in the Afternoon
(1935) Green Hills of Africa
(1962) Hemingway, The Wild Years
(1964) A Moveable Feast
(1967) By-Line: Ernest Hemingway
(1970) Ernest Hemingway: Cub Reporter
(1985) The Dangerous Summer
(1985) Dateline: Toronto
(1999) True at First Light
(2005) Under Kilimanjaro


(1981) Ernest Hemingway Selected Letters 1917–1961
(2011–) The Cambridge Edition of the Letters of Ernest Hemingway

(2011) The Letters of Ernest Hemingway: Volume 1, 1907-1922
(2013) The Letters of Ernest Hemingway: Volume 2, 1923-1925
(2015) The Letters of Ernest Hemingway: Volume 3, 1926-1929


(1942) Men at War: The Best War Stories of All Time edited, with introduction, by Hemingway, although he is not the primary author.

Story Collections

(1923) Three Stories and Ten Poems
(1925) In Our Time
(1927) Men Without Women
(1933) Winner Take Nothing
(1938) The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories (This collection includes the one in "In Our Time" and "Men Without Women")
(1947) The Essential Hemingway
(1961) The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories
(1969) The Fifth Column and Four Stories of the Spanish Civil War
(1972) The Nick Adams Stories
(1979) 88 Poems
(1979) Complete Poems
(1984) The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
(1987) The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
(1995) The Collected Stories (Everyman's Library)
(1999) Hemingway on Writing
(2000) Hemingway on Fishing
(2003) Hemingway on Hunting
(2003) Hemingway on War
(2008) Hemingway on Paris

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4 Sep. 2017

Ernest Hemingway Bibliography*

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