Best of the National Air and Space Museum  [EB]

Directory of Airplanes [DB]


Afghanistan: Forging Civilizations Along the Silk Road [EB]

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American Indians - See Native Americans

Americana - General

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Design in the USA  [EB]

(Oxford History of Art )  

Property of N. Flayderman & Co. and Selected Additions  [AC]

Cowan's Auction - February 21, 2017,. A spectacular selection of items from the collection of N. Flayderman & Co.

Animation Art

RR Auction: Animation Auction   [AC]

August 2014

Animation Auction Catalog  [AC]

Spring 2016

Auction features original production drawings and cels from Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera, Chuck Jones, DreamWorks, Bill Melendez Studios, and others.

Under Construction



Architecture, Design, and Engineering [DB]

Covers about 40,000 drawings (described in more than 3,900 catalog records), spanning 1600 to 1989, with most dating between 1880 and 1940. The designs are primarily for sites and structures in the U.S. (especially Washington, D.C.), as well as Europe and Mexico. American architects and architectural firms created most of the images. Building types range from the United States Capitol and the Library of Congress to private residences and hamburger restaurants.

Dictionary of Landscape Architechture and Construction [EB]

Manufacturer and Builder - 1869 - 1894 [DB - EB]

Collecting America's Architectural History [V]

Collecting for the Library of Congress

Art & Architecture Thesaurus® Online [DB]

A History of Architectural Conservation [EB]

How To Research the History of Your House  [V]

Dating a House Site With Nails – Dating a Building With Nails  [A]

Architecture - American

The Shaping of Art and Architecture in Nineteenth-Century America [EB~]

Creating Central Park  [EB]

Architectural Clues to 18th-Century Williamsburg, Virginia [V]

Architecture - Islamic

Ornamentation in Islamic Architecture [EB]

Architecture - Japan

Japan: It's Architecture, Art & Art Manufacture  [EB]
Christoper Dresser 1882
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Architectural Marble - See Marble

Architecture - Spanish

Religion Art & Architecture in Spain & Spanish America 1500 - 1600 [EB]
The Word Made Image

The Arts & Crafts Movement - Architecture [A]

Architectural and Ornament Drawings:  [EB]

Juvarra, Vanvitelli, the Bibiena Family, and Other Italian Draughtsmen 


Lucio Aiccinino  Master Armorer of the Renaissance [EB]

Contained in "Ironwork": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 22, no. 8 (April, 1964)

Of Arms and Men  [EB]

Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan, 1912–2012

The Art of Chivalry  [EB]

European Arms and Armor from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

European Helmets, 1450-1650: Treasures from the Reserve Collection [EB]

Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor, 1156–1868 [EB]

The Armored Horse in Europe, 1480–1620 [EB]

Arms and Armor: Notable Acquisitions, 1991–2002 [EB]

Metropolitian Museum of Art

Warriors of the Himalayas: Rediscovering the Arms and Armor of Tibet  [EB]

Books on Armor in our Bookstore


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Arts & Crafts

Origins of Arts & Crafts Jewelry [A]

The Kalo Shop - Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver [A]

The Arts and Crafts Period Picture Frames [A]

The Artisans and Designers Responsible for Roycroft Metalwork  [A]

Roycroft Marks [L]  

Roycroft Price Guide - Copper [PG]

Woolley & Wallis Arts & Crafts Auction Catalogues

Woolley & Wallis Arts & Crafts June 2010  [AC]

Woolley & Wallis Arts & Crafts June 2011  [AC]

Woolley & Wallis Arts & Crafts June 2012  [AC]

Woolley & Wallis Arts & Crafts June 2013  [AC]

Woolley & Wallis Arts & Crafts June 2014  [AC]

Woolley & Wallis Arts & Crafts June 2015  [AC]

Woolley & Wallis Arts & Crafts June 2016  [AC]

Auction Catalogues

Hint *Auction Catalogues that are on specific subjects may be listed under their specific subject heading

American Art Galleries

The Goddard Dubois Collection [AC]

XVIII Century English and American Furniture and Works of Art Nov. 21 & 21, 1925

The Collection of William H. Fuller [AC]

Early English and Barbizon paintings sold at Chickering Hall Feb. 25, 1898

DuMouchelle Auctioneers  [S]

Garths Auctioneers  [S]

Garth's Auctions, Inc. is a national force in the world of American Antiques and Fine Art, also handling European and Asian Furniture & Decorative Arts.

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers  [S]

James D. Julia Auctioneers  [S]

D. Julia is unquestionably the best venue to bring your collection or single high-value item to market. Our three auction divisions include: Rare Firearms, Fine Art, Asian & Antiques, Rare Lamps, Glass & Fine Jewelry.

Potter Auctions  [S]

Chicago, IL

RR Auctions  [S]

Headquartered in Boston’s North End, RR Auction is a globally recognized and trusted source for rare documents, manuscripts, autographs, and historic artifacts.

Israel Sack [AC]

Colonial and early Federal furniture, silver and porcelains "One hundred important American antiques Jan. 1, 1932

Isreal Sack [AC]

Early American Furniture Fine American Silver ; American Colonial Furniture & Silver  Oct. 15, 16 & 17, 1931

Isreal Sack [AC]

Important Colonial Furniture & Decorations Nov. 7, 1929


Christie's Past Sales Archive [DB]

Christie's Auction Results [DB]

Chinese Contemporary Ink  - May 29, 2017 [AC]


Skinners Auction Catalogues  [S]

This is a "stack" reference.  This stack contains over 492 Auction Catalogs

Swann Galleries

Swann Auction Catalogues  [S]

This is a "stack" reference.  This stack contains over 600 Auction Catalogs

Sale 2449 - Graphic Design - May 25, 2017 [AC]

Woolley & Wallis -  Auction Catalogues

Woolley & Wallis Auctioneers & Valuers  [S]
Tribal Art - February 11, 2014 [AC]

Asian Art - May 22, 2014 [AC]

Antiquities,  Pre-Columbian, Tribal Art - June 19, 2014 [AC]

Antiquities,  Pre-Columbian, Tribal Art - February10, 2015 [AC]

Antiquities,  Pre-Columbian, Tribal Art - September 2, 2015 [AC]

Tribal Art and Antiquities - September 20, 2016 [AC]

Tribal Art and Antiquities - March 2, 2017 [AC]

European and Asian Works of Art - May 25, 2017 [AC]


National Auctioneers Association Magazine

National  Auctioneers Association Magazine  [S]
Auctioneer - June/July 2013 [MA]

Auctioneer – June/July 2017 [MA]

Auctioneer -  May 2018  [MA]

Autographs & Letters

The Art of Handwriting [E] Showing Artists Handwriting

The letters here, from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art, show that an artist might put pen to paper just as he or she would apply a line to a drawing. For each artist, a leading authority interprets how the pressure of line and sense of rhythm speak to that artist's signature style.

Automobiles - Vintage

Hint - Also See Trucks - Vintage

Bibles - See Books

Bibliography - See Authors


*Also see "Authors" for specific titles & authors

*Also Advanced Technical Articles may be found in Museum Management

A Dictionary of Books Relating to America: From its Discovery to the Present Time - Joseph Sabin  [EB]

Note:  Did you know that if you purchased this set it would cost over $1250.00.  It is always here free at The Dodd Research Report

Volume 1 A [1] Bedford [4280] 1868
Volume 2 Bedinger [4282] Brownell [8684] 1869
Volume 3 Brownell [8685] Chesbrough [12513] 1870
Volume 4 Cheshire [12516] Costa [17013] 1871
Volume 5 Costa [17015] Du Moulin [21221] 1873
Volume 6 Du Moulin [21222] Franklin [25489] 1873
Volume 7 Franklin [25490] Hall [29818] 1875
Volume 8 Hall [29820] Huntingdon [33970] 1877
Volume 9 Huntington [33971] LaCroix [38495] 1877
Volume 10 LaCroix [38497] M’Clary [43005] 1878
Volume 11 McClean [43006] Mémoire [47520] 1879
Volume 12 Mémoire [47524] Nederland [52224] 1880
Volume 13 Nederland [52225] Omai [57263] 1881
Volume 14 Omaña [57265] Philadelphia [61980] 1884
Volume 15 Philadelphia [61982] Providence [66280] 1885
Volume 16 Providence [66281] Remarks [69511] 1886
Volume 17 Remarks [69513] Ross [73344] 1888
Volume 18 Ross [73345] Schedae [77522] 1889
Volume 19 Schedel [77523] Simms [81225] 1891
Volume 20 Simms (W.G.) [81226] Smith (Seba) [84187] 1892-1928
Volume 21 Smith (Seb. B.) [84188] Solis Y Valenzuela [86498] 1929-31
Volume 22 Solis Y Valenzuela [86499] Spiritual Manifestations [89519] 1931-32
Volume 23 Spiritual Maxims [89520] Storrs [92256] 1932-33
Volume 24 Storrs [92257] Ternaux-Compans [94853] 1933-34
Volume 25 Ternaux-Compans [94854] Tucker [97361] 1934
Volume 26 Tucker [97362] Vindex [99774] 1935
Volume 27 Vindex [99775] Weeks [102461] 1936
Volume 28 Weeks [102462] Witherspoon [104937] 1936
Volume 29 Witherspoon [104938] Zwey [106413] 1936

A Bibliography of Bibliography; or, A Handy Book about Books which Relate to Books - Sabin, Joseph, 1821-1881  [EB]

American Book Illustration in the 19th Century  [A]
Collecting Bibles  [A]

Collecting Scientific Books  [A]

Books with Colored Plates [V]

A Guide to Blackletter  [A]

Coptic Book Bindings [E]

Early Bindings [V]

Treasures of a Lost Art: Italian Manuscript Painting of the Middle Ages and Renaissance   [EB]

Thomas J. Cobden-Sanderson [V]

Doves Bindery

Chivers and Bagguley [V]

English Binders

Cosway Bindings [V]

Gothic Novels - Key Motifs in Gothic Novels  [V]

Features of Gothic Literature  [V]

Guild of Women Binders [V]

Jewelled Bindings [V]

Meunier & Marius Magnin [V]

French Binders

Vellum Through the Ages [V]

French Books [V]

Alice: 150 Years of Wonderland [E]

Margaret Armstrong and American Trade Bindings [EB]

A Guide to Supernatural Fiction [WS - DB]

This site stopped updating in 2011.  Still there is a lot to be found if you collect this area of literature

A Register of Artists, Engravers, Booksellers, Bookbinders, Printers & Publishers in New York City, 1633 -1820. [EB]

Anvari's Divan: A Pocket Book for Akbar  [EB]

The Academy of the Sword: Illustrated Fencing Books 1500–1800 [EB]

The Art of Illumination  [EB]

The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry

Choirs of Angels: Painting in Italian Choir Books, 1300–1500  [EB]

Turkish Miniature Paintings and Manuscripts from the Collection of Edwin Binney, 3rd   [EB]

Venetian Prints and Books in the Age of Tiepolo  [EB]

Fancy & Imagination: Beardsley and the Book Illustrators  [EB]

Bibliography - See Specific Subject

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Collecting Guide: Buddhist Sculpture  [A]


Dating Buttons by Shank Style and Material [A]


Cameo Appearances [EB]

Cameos in the Metropolitian Museum of Art


Camera Companies [L]

A list of camera-related companies: camera makers, lens makers, shutter makers and distributors.

The Historic Camera Database [DB]

Contains a large amount of information relating to Cameras, Camera Company History and Biographies of Important People in Photography.

500 Cameras [V]

Civil War Cameras [V]


Daguerreotypes, Dress, and the Women of Canada West [A]

Fashion Through Photography

Kimball M Sterling Auction Catalogues

Antique Canes - November 13, 2010  [AC-EB]

Henry Foster Cane Collection - April 11, 2015 [AC - EB]

Antique Canes and Erotic Antiques  - May 13, 1915  [AC - EB]

Carpets and Rugs

Caucasian Rugs in the V&A  [EB]

Chinese Carpets in the V&A  [EB]

Chinese carpet collection in London's Victoria & Albert Museum

Classical Chinese Carpets  [EB]

Forgotten Carpets of the Forbidden City

Grenfell Hooked Rugs  [A]

Paula Laverty on “Grenfell” Hooked Rugs

Mamluk, Cairene Ottoman and other East Mediterranean Types  [EB]

Turkoman Rugs in the V&A  [EB]

Oriental Carpet Collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Patterns of Life: The Art of Tibetan Carpets  [EB]

Turkish Carpets in the V&A  [EB]

A comprehensive survey of the historical Turkish carpets in the Victoria & Albert Museum

The Musée des Tissus et des Arts Décoratifs

A Museum in the City of Lyon, France

Spendours of the City of Silk  - Part 1 [EB]

Spendours of the City of Silk  - Part 2 [EB]

Spendours of the City of Silk  - Part 3 [EB]

Spendours of the City of Silk  - Part 4 [EB]

Celebrity Related

Ball, Lucille - The "I Love Lucy" Auction Catalog  [AC]

March April 2015

Ceramics - See side button


A Christmas Exhibition: From the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Cloisters  [E - EB]

December 1-31, 1978, Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, Montana

Twis The Night Before Christmas [V]

The Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida welcomed author Nancy H. Marshall to an illustrated lecture where she discussed Clement Clark Moore's "A Visit from St. Nicholas".

Civil War

Hint! Also search Harper's New Monthly Magazine under PERIODICALS

Hint!  See Maps for more on Civil War Mapping

Hint!  See more in the Research Library

Civil War Bullet Reference Guide  [A]

Civil War Cameras [V]

The French Infuenced Confederate Kepi  [EB]

The First Flag to be Called "Old Glory" [V]Civil War

Lincoln Speaks [V] The Morgan Library & Museum 

Catalogue of a Collection of Engraved and Other Portraits of Lincoln  [EB]

Exhibited at the Grolier Club, New York ... Saturday, April 8th, to Saturday, April 22d, 1899

The Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana [DB]

The collection contains more than 11,100 items. This online release presents over 1,300 items with a over 4,000 images and a date range of 1824-1931. It includes the complete collection of Stern's contemporary newspapers, Lincoln's law papers, sheet music, broadsides, prints, cartoons, maps, drawings, letters, campaign tickets, and other ephemeral items.

A Priced [Abraham] Lincoln Bibliography  [EB]

William H. Smith 1906

Civil War Maps - Library of Congress [DB]

Mathew Brady- Levin C. Handy Collection [DB]

Over 5000 images from Mathew Brady - E. and H.T. Anthony & Levin C. Handy are contained in this extremely important database.

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies [EB]

A Complitation of The War of the Rebellion

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies [EB]

The American Civil War Museum - Keyword Search [M - DB]

The American Civil War Museum - Advanced Search [M - DB]

The American Civil War Museum - Photo Search [M - DB]

How the Civil War transformed American Literature [V]

A Discussion with author Randall Fuller

Minnesota's Civil War Artifacts [V]

Capitol Report

Manufacturers of Regulation Model Enlisted Swords During the US Civil War [A]
Civil War Contract Sword Inspectors By Company and Date  [A]

Doyle Auction Catalogues

The Papers of John Gross Barnard [AC]

Civil War History Collected by Gary Hendershott

Catalog 140  [CA]

Catalog 147  [CA]

Catalog 151  [CA]

Catalog 153  [CA]

Catalog 154  [CA]

Catalog 155  [CA]

Catalog 157 -  Gladium II  [CA]

This is the most important private collection of Civil War uniforms ever to come onto the market at one time. This unique collection is an extension of the Gladium sword collection which we sold last year and is truly a remarkable collection of the finest militaria from the Civil War. From the uniforms worn by the commanding officers to those of their enlisted men, the Gladium II Uniform Collection includes remarkable examples of Civil War soldiers’ weapons, flags and accouterments that accompanied them into battle.

Gladium III  [CA]

RR Auction Catalogues

Civil War Auction - March 2012  [AC]

Civil War Auction - July 2013  [AC]

Clocks & Watches
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Coins & Medals

Spink Auction Catalogues

Ancient, British and Foreign Coins and Commemorative Medals including European Coins from the Peter Woodhead Collection [EB]

Sale 16005. June 2016

Classical Numismatic Group  [AC] [S-125]

Clocks & Watches

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Clothing - See Costume

Collectors & Collections


Cooper, Dennis - Dennis Glen Cooper Collection [DB]

Dennis Glen Cooper (1905-1995) was a photographer, filmmaker and Detroit television host (Realm of the Wild) whose films were familiar to many Detroiters in the 1950s-60s.
Garbo, Greta: How Greta Garbo Collected Art [V]

Garbo, Gretta: Julien's Auctions: Property from the Estate of Greta Garbo [V]

Guggenheim, Peggy - Peggy Guggenheim : A Celebration  [EB]

Lehman.  The Adele and Arthur Lehman Collection [EB]

Middendorf.  American Paintings and Historical Prints from the Middendorf Collection [EB - E]

Morgan, J. P. :  Catalogue of the Morgan Collection of Oriental Porcelains [EB]

Rivers, Joan: The Private Collection of Joan Rivers [V]

Rothschild Treasures [V]

A new home for a stunning British Museum collection

Maven of Modernism: Galka Scheyer in California  [A - V  - E]

The Blue Four

Count Tessin - The Collections of Count Tessin [V]

Treasures from the National Museum of Sweden

Thatcher, Margaret: The Collection of Margaret Thatcher [V]


The Wrightsman Collection Vols. 1 and 2  [EB]

Furniture, Gilt Bronze and Mounted Porcelain, Carpets

The Wrightsman Collection. Vols. 3 and 4  [EB]

Furniture, Snuffboxes, Silver, Bookbindings, Porcelain

The Wrightsman Collection. Vol. 5  [EB]

Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture

Americas Castles Premier  [V]

Americas Castles Adirondack Camps  [V]

Americas Castles Age of Invention  [V]

Americas Castles Architectural Masterpieces  [V]

Americas Castles Artists  [V]

Americas Castles  - Astors [V~]

Americas Castles Auto Barrons  [V]

Americas Castles  - Biltmore Estate [V~]

Americas Castles Bayou Estates  [V]

Americas Castles California Dreamers  [V]

Americas Castles - Carnegie  [V~]

Americas Castles Colonial Era  [V]

Americas Castles Confederacy  [V]

Americas Castles Eccentrics  [V]

Americas Castles Florida's Grand Estates  [V]

Americas Castles Gold Coast Estates  [V]

Americas Castles Grand Resorts  [V]

Americas Castles - Heiresses [V]

Americas Castles Hudson River Valley Estates  [V]

Americas Castles Mavericks Of Medicine  [V]

Americas Castles Mexico's White House  [V]

Americas Castles Miners  [V]

Americas Castles - New England Retreats  [V]

Americas Castles - New York City [V]

Americas Castles Newport Mansions  [V]

Americas Castles Return To Newport  [V]

Americas Castles - Plantation Era  [V]

Americas Castles Palaces in Paradise  [V]

Americas Castles Pioneers  [V]

Americas Castles Presidential Estates  [V]

Americas Castles Railroad Barons  [V]

Americas Castles - Rosevelt Homes [V]

Americas Castles Castles On The Bay [V]

San Francisco

Americas Castles Savannah  [V]

Americas Castles Texas Estates  [V]

Americas Castles University Estates  [V]

Americas Castles Vanderbilts Abroad  [V]

Americas Castles Victorian Age  [V]

Americas Castles - Winter Castles  [V]

Keeping Chatsworth Current with the 12th Duke of Devonshire [V]

Waddesdon Manor:  Art Collections at Waddesdon Manor [V]

Rothschild Collections at Waddesdon Manor

A Mania for collecting: the Rothschilds and the Waddesdon Bequest [V]

Cosmetics - See Perfumes


The Connecticut River Valley & the China Trade  [A]


Daguerreotypes, Dress, and the Women of Canada West [A]
Fashion Through Photography

Clothing in China  [EB]  Changing Clothes in China

The Age of Napoleon: Costume from Revolution to Empire, 1789–1815 [EB]

Illuminating Fashion: Dress in the Art of Medieval France and the Netherlands [E]

Ladies' Dress Shoes of the Nineteenth Century [CA]

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain  [A]

What Widows Wore: Victorian Fashions for Mourning  [V]

Hawaiian Style: The Roots of the Aloha Shirt [A]

Kimono: A Modern History Terry Satsuki Milhaupt  [EB]

American Ingenuity: Sportswear, 1930s–1970s [EB]

Christian Dior [EB]

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fashion Accessories from Head to Toe  [V]
The accessories that graced the ensembles of history are on display at the Colonial Williamsburg Art Museums.

Historic Threads - Three Centuries of Clothing  [E]

Colonial Williamsburg

Two by Two [EB]

Two by Two presents a correlated history of women's and men's apparel from the eighteenth century to the 1970s.

Waist Not: The Migration of the Waist, 1800–1960  [EB]

Bloom:  Flowers in Fashion  [EB]

André Fashion Illustrations from NYPL's Picture Collection [CA]

1930's & 1940's

Worth & Mainbocher: Demystifying the Haute Couture  [E]

Charles Frederick Worth (1825-1895) - Main Rousseau Bocher, 1891-1976

Wayne University Digital Dress Collection 1850-1990 [DB]

The Digital Dress Collection contains images of clothing worn in Michigan during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


FBI Stolen Works of Art Database -  NSAF [DB]

Monuments Men: On the Front Line to Save Europe's Art, 1942-1946 [E]

Fashion - See Costume


Guyette & Deeter Auction Catalogues

North American Decoys at Auction - August  1 & 2, 2013 [AC]

North American Decoys at Auction - November 6 & 7, 2013 [AC]

North American Decoys at Auction - July 29 & 30, 2014 [AC]

North American Decoys at Auction - November 12 & 13, 2014 [AC]

North American Decoys at Auction - April 23 & 24, 2015 [AC]

North American Decoys at Auction - July 28 & 29, 2015 [AC]

North American Decoys at Auction - April 21 & 22, 2016 [AC]

North American Decoys at Auction - April 27 & 28, 2017 [AC]

North American Decoys at Auction - July 25 & 26, 2017 [AC]

Design - American

Arts, Commodities and Artifacts [A]

The American Decorative Arts, 1630-1820

Disney [Walt]

Collecting Disney 2016  [E - AC]

Van Eaton Galleries


Also See Teddy Bears

The Blackler Collection  [AC]

Theriault's Marquis Antique Doll Auction, October 4-6, 2014 in Los Angeles, California

Forever Young - Marquis Antique Doll Auction  [AC]

January 9, 2016 at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach, California

The Carabet Collection - Antique Japanese Dolls  [AC]

January 10, 2016 at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach, California

Antique Doll Collector May 2015  [MA]

Antique Doll Collector January 2017  [MA]

Antique Doll Collector Sept 2017  [MA]


The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology Characters and Collections [EB]

Studies in Early Egyptian Glass [EB]

Fashion - See Costume


The Art of Renaissance Europe: A Resource for Educators  [EB - TR]

Fakes & Forgeries

Fakes in the Art World [V]

Art Forgery

Tthe Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin v.26 #6 February 1968  

The Gentle art of Forgery [V]

CBS 60 Minutes

Eric Hebborn - Portrait of a Master Forger [V]

How They Caught: The Bolton Art Forger [V]

Fashion -  See Costume

Firearms - See Guns

Flags - American

The First Flag to be Called "Old Glory" [V] -  Civil War

Folk Art -  See Sidebar

Fountain Pens - See Pens

Forgeries - see Fakes

Frames - Listed in Furniture Section


French Decorative Arts during the Reign of Louis XIV (1654–1715) [A]

François Gérard  [EB]

Portraiture, Scandal, and the Art of Power in Napoleonic France  [EB]

The Arts Under Napoleon  [EB]

Treasures of France: The Collection of Dr. Bruce Wilson  [V]

Furniture References

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Gardens - Historical

Sweet Herbs and Sundry Flowers: Medieval Gardens and the Gardens of The Cloisters  [EB]


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Globes - See Maps


Current Gold Price  [R]

Chaffers Hall Marks On Gold And Silver Plate [EB]

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