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Antique Bottle Color Classifications [L]

Antique Bottle Colors  [A]

Antique Bottle Top Classifications [L]

Antique Bottle Closures [A]

Antique Bottle Bases (Bottoms) [L]

Antique Bottle Bases  [A]

Bottle Dating  [WB]

Dating of Antique Bottles [A]

Mouth-Blown Bottles Dating Key  [A]

Machine Made Bottles Dating Key  [A]
Bottle Typing (Typology) & Diagnostic Shapes  [A]

Determining the Condition of Antique Bottles [A]

Beer & Ale Bottles  [A]

Food Bottles & Canning Jars  [A]

Household Bottles (Non-Food)  [A]

Medicinal/Chemical/Druggist Bottles  [A]

Medicine Bottle Glass Index  [L]

Difficult to use but this database is a reference to aid in the identification of embossed medicine bottles

Soda & Mineral Water Bottles  [A]

Labeled Bottles  [A]

Liquor & Spirits Bottles  [A]

Wine & Champagne Bottles  [A]

Miscellaneous & Foreign Bottles  [A]

Check List of American Bottles & Flasks  [EB]

Is My Mason Jar Valuable?  [A]

American Bottles Old & New  [EB]

Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC)

Bottles and Extras  May and June 2007  [MA]

Bottles and Extras  July and August 2015  [MA]

Bottles and Extras  November and December 2015  [MA]

Bottles and Extras  January February 2016 [MA]

Bottles and Extras  March April 2016  [MA]

Bottles and Extras May June 2016  [MA]

Bottles and Extras September October 2016  [MA]

Bottles and Extras  November and December 2016  [MA]

Bottles and Extras   March April 2017   [MA]

Bottles and Extras May June 2017  [MA]

Bottles and Extras July August 2017  [MA]

2017 Springfield National Souvenir Program  [MA]

Bottles and Extras September October 2017  [MA]

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